You think if youu2019ve seen one lipstick, youu2019ve seen them all, right? Wrong! I got my hands on a new tube of Japonesque Pro Performance Lipstick, part of the brandu2019s first ever makeup collection, and now Iu2019m Valentino Shoes wishing the other colors in my stash were designed the exact same way.

What makes the packaging so brilliant is that the bottom of the tube is colored to match the bullet inside</strong>, so you donu2019t have to remove the top to see what shade it is. I seriously almost busted out a slow clap during the launch event when I saw this.</strong> You see, my makeup is pretty well organized on a shelf in my bathroom, but I often get annoyed when Iu2019m hunting for a specific lipstick. Unless itu2019s one of my three or four favorite colors that I know by name, I usually have to pop off multiple caps before I find the one I want. And yes, I own a boatload of lipsticks. Okay, so maybe this concern could be filed under #beautywriterproblems, but you Valentino Shoes Sale have to admit that color-coded tubes are a darn good idea.

In case youu2019re wondering, the lipstick ainu2019t too shabby, either. The texture is rich and creamy, and it lasts. Iu2019m into shade 09, a gorgeous mulberry hue. These lipsticks give full-on color, by the way; thereu2019s nothing sheer about them. So, if youu2019re more of a gloss kind of girl, tread lightly, as Walter White from Breaking Bad would say.


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